PC What kind of files can I delete from my...

What kind of files can I delete from my computer?


The time to do a computer formatting is always delicate and knowing which files are not valuable and which are difficult. While all files with the following extensions can be safely deleted, those working in a company should consult the network administrator first (especially before deleting the .LOG, .BAK and .OLD file

TMP files

These are temporary files. Clearly delete those found in the c: windowstemp directory, but they may also be elsewhere. There is no reason to fear deleting these files.

LOG files

These files are useful only if you want to know what commands were used when certain operations were automatically performed on your computer. For most users these files lack utility and can be deleted.

000 files

Periodically search for files with the extension 000, as well as those ending in 001. They are backup copies of files that have been updated.

BAK files

These are backups that Windows makes of a file when another file of the same name is installed. If your PC is working fine, there is no reason not to remove them.

TXT files

We are not asking you to delete the files that you have saved in a folder with the text-only format, but there are many files that explain the use of a program or of a hardware and that, once the program has been installed without problems, they can be erased with ease. (Delete carefully.)

OLD files

Files with the OLD extension are similar to BAK files. If everything goes well on your PC, you can eliminate them without problems.



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