PC What happens if my PC does not have antivirus

What happens if my PC does not have antivirus


We have all been tempted to uninstall the antivirus. We know that it is partly responsible for our PC going a little slower for all the resources it consumes (especially while updating) and we believe that with a little common sense we can avoid being infected. We do not visit suspicious websites, we do not download anything from non-trusted sites, and we do not open files that we do not know what they are … Will we be safe? In here we tell you what happens if your PC does not have antivirus.

Data loss

You are very cautious, but malware is also getting smarter. If in spite of everything you are infected (it could happen just by visiting a website you trust, if it has a security hole that cybercriminals discover before), one of the most common consequences is the loss of data. There are viruses that are dedicated to erase information, so if you do not have a backup you could have problems.

Computer slow

You do not have antivirus, so you no longer have that program consuming resources, but you could have a virus or worm that caused the same or worse. Your computer is suddenly slower than normal and you don’t have antivirus? Perhaps you have been infected by some malicious program.


One of the most dangerous malware modalities: spyware. They could just monitor your movements and send the information (which is already quite serious in itself), but they also read, copy and send data that you have stored on your computer or that you enter on a website. Yes, think of all the times you enter your credit card number to make an online purchase.


One of the consequences related to spyware: data theft that often ends in fraud. Your computer could be infected by a program that accesses your bank details, for example, and uses them to make purchases or directly transfer money.

Identity Theft

One of the great dangers: there are programs that take control of your computer and steal your identity. Why is this serious? It is one of the most used methods by cybercriminals to carry out their criminal activities: that they be made by other people’s computers. You don’t want to find that crimes have been committed from your team!



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