Software Useful Software to Install on Your Computer

Useful Software to Install on Your Computer


If you’re looking for some useful software to install on your computer, look no further. You’ll find that there are many different programs that can help you clean out your system and keep it safe and virus-free. Here are a few to look into.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a free software that allows you to save notes and organize them. The software has a simple interface and offers the features you need to make your note taking easy and productive.

For example, you can add images or even record voice memos. You can also add labels, organize your notes, create checklists and share them with others. It’s a useful tool for a variety of tasks, from school work to work.

However, it isn’t as full featured as some of its competitors. In fact, it may not be the best choice for storing sensitive information.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a great app for creating reminders, tagging notes and taking notes. It’s easy to use and offers a slew of formatting options. In addition, it’s compatible with the Apple Pencil. The best part is that it’s available on all iPad models.

One of the most interesting features of Apple Notes is the tagging system. Using tags, you can organize your notes into folders. A note in a folder can be sorted by date created, Z-A or title. You can also create a smart folder, which automatically includes notes with a certain tag.

EditPad Lite

EditPad Lite is a free, general-purpose text editor. It’s not as advanced as a full-fledged program like Microsoft Word, but it’s still very useful. In addition to editing plain text files, EditPad Lite is also a great tool for creating HTML code, inserting template code, and saving frequently used text fragments.

It’s easy to use and has a modern interface. The tabbed interface makes it easy to switch between documents, as well as to copy and paste. And the search and replace feature is powerful, with regular expression support.


If you’re looking for a new email client, Thunderbird could be the solution you need. This open source platform offers many features and functionality, including the ability to create and manage multiple accounts. It also comes with a robust spam filter, making it one of the most secure email clients around.

Mozilla Thunderbird is primarily available for Linux, but it can be installed on all popular operating systems. The software supports over 65 languages, and is compatible with email accounts from a variety of providers.

DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite is a free software that allows you to mount disk image files and view, backup, and burn DVDs and CDs. You can also use it to create virtual drives and use them to store and share data. This simple yet powerful tool is ideal for laptops that do not have a physical CD-ROM drive.

It is a great tool that helps you save time and money. Besides mounting images, it can also compress your data to save space.


AdwCleaner is a program designed to detect and remove unwanted programs, adware, and other malicious items. It is a free tool that comes with a user-friendly interface.

AdwCleaner is a handy security utility that can improve your computer’s performance and save you from future computer problems. You can download it from the official Malwarebytes website.

It has an easy-to-use interface and provides excellent features. For example, it can scan your computer for adware, hijackers, and browser toolbars.

After scanning, AdwCleaner displays a list of suspicious items. You can choose which one you want to clean up.

Kaspersky TDSSKiller

The Kaspersky TDSSKiller is an Anti-Spyware software that is compatible with most Windows Operating Systems. It is a free and compact app that can scan your PC for rootkits and malicious programs. This free application can also remove them and protect you from infections.

This software can be installed on your PC and run on the most current Windows Operating System. You can download it from official websites.

While it may not be a substitute for a good anti-virus protection, Kaspersky TDSSKiller is an effective tool. It can detect and remove rootkits from your system. It’s simple and user-friendly, and it’s recommended for both novices and professionals.


Malwarebytes is one of the top anti-malware applications out there. It provides protection against zero-day attacks, ransomware, and backdoor threats. The software can also scan device drivers, protect against malicious web sites, and block unknown threats.

Malwarebytes offers a free trial version, as well as a free premium version. Both versions offer similar features, including a customizable scan that can check the entire system for rootkits. However, the interface can be confusing at first.

Malwarebytes uses an unorthodox detection model, which is effective at detecting new malware. Compared to other top antivirus products, Malwarebytes has a high detection rate. During a test period of four weeks, Malwarebytes identified 100% of malware. This is higher than the industry average of 97%.


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