Internet Types of File Hosting Sharing Download Websites

Types of File Hosting Sharing Download Websites


Using file hosting sharing download websites is a great way to save money and increase the convenience of your file hosting. There are several types of sites, including Sharehosters, Koofr, Rapidgator, AnonymousFiles and DropSend Direct. These websites allow you to browse and download your files from the Internet in a secure environment, and they’re a great alternative to downloading from other sites.


A file hosting service is a service that allows you to store and share files with others. It works by storing your files in the provider’s servers and making them available to you on demand. You can then access them from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The best file hosting services are the ones that provide you with a secure means of uploading and downloading files. These services can range from free to paid, and provide you with a range of storage options. For example, you can get up to 1TB of storage for under $5 per month with MediaFire.

If you want to share your files with others in the shortest amount of time, you’ll want to sign up for WeTransfer. This service allows you to send up to 2GB of data for free, and is the easiest way to transfer files across the world.


Rapidgator is one of the most popular file hosting services today. It’s also one of the most secure ones. The company has been around for eight years now.

Aside from hosting files, Rapidgator has an FTP server, which allows users to transfer large files quickly. They also have a search engine that enables users to find what they’re looking for. There’s also a nice FAQ section to answer any questions you might have about the service.

For the most part, Rapidgator is free to use. However, it does offer premium accounts for a monthly fee. These accounts come with faster upload and download speeds and a larger amount of storage space.


AnonFiles is a file hosting service that offers a secure, private way to download and share files online. It’s free to use, and it has no limitations on file size or data transfer.

The site is designed to be simple to use. You can upload a single file, or you can bulk upload multiple files. After you’ve uploaded the file, you can copy and paste the URL of the file into your web browser. If you’re using an iPhone, you can also download it to your device.

Files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. AnonFiles states that archives are stored “for as long as possible” but does not mention how long.


Koofr is a file hosting and sharing service that enables you to access and sync your files and folders in the cloud. It works on any desktop or mobile device, and its desktop app is available for Windows, Linux, and iOS.

The web interface has a simple, clean layout. Users can upload and download files, view shared folders, and set up passwords. They can also invite people to contribute to their folders.

With a free account, users can download up to 8GB of storage. Paid accounts offer a few more features. For example, users can view five previous versions of files for up to 120 days.

DropSend Direct

DropSend is a cloud-based file sharing service. It allows users to send large files to others without the need to install bulky software on their computer. They can also access their archived data from any machine. With DropSend, users can collaborate with colleagues on documents and presentations, even across continents.

DropSend offers a free plan with 25GB of storage space. Users can upgrade to a paid plan for more space. This service is great for archiving critical data. Moreover, it’s easy to set up and use. However, there are limitations. For instance, attachments cannot be larger than 8GB.

To get started, first download the DropSend Direct app for your PC or Mac. You can either create a new account or sign in with your existing one.


Founded in 2005, 4shared is a file hosting and sharing service that offers more than just storage space. It’s packed with features that make it easier to share files, organize them and collaborate on them.

Among its features is an automatic scanner, which allows you to check for errors before you upload. You can also preview text files, share files with other members and store them securely. There is even an automatic backup system that will help you keep your important files safe.

The company has an intuitive web interface and desktop app. In addition, it supports multiple file types, including PDFs, DOCs, MP3s, videos and images.


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