PC The functions of an antivirus

The functions of an antivirus


An antivirus is a program whose main purpose is the detection, blocking and elimination of viruses and other malicious codes. However, depending on the manufacturer, it can offer other very interesting additional services to keep your computer protected. Everyone knows that it is important to have an antivirus installed on your computer. However, we wanted to go one step further and, with the help of the Internet Security Office (OSI) of INTECO, we have learned what tasks you can do to keep the equipment safe.

You will need to:

  • Adequate antivirus
  • PC

Steps to follow:

1.Firewall function: It acts as a barrier between the computer and the Internet. It is used to control who accesses the information stored on the device and what information comes out of it.

2.Analyze web addresses (URLs): Allows you to check if a web address links to a page that contains a virus or if, on the contrary, it is secure.

3.Email protection: Feature that analyzes incoming and outgoing emails to verify that they do not contain viruses. Normally they include an ant spam file to prevent “junk mail” from sneaking into the inbox and an anti-phishing filter to detect attempts to impersonate trusted pages, banks, public administrations, prestigious companies, etc.-.

4.Backups: Function that allows you to make backup copies of the most important documents stored on your computer.

5.You might think that the more antivirus you have installed would be much better. However this is a wrong assumption. Having one installed is enough. Of course, it must be updated at all times to detect the latest viruses that “circulate” on the Internet. It is of little use to have an antivirus installed that has not been updated for a year since, for example, a virus created by a cybercriminal last week could be installed on the computer quietly without knowing the antivirus or the user.

6.you do not have an antivirus, we recommend that you buy or download a reliable one, for this reason we recommend that you visit the AVG website.


  • Many are the features they offer. Each one must select an antivirus and configure it correctly to take advantage of all the options they provide and thus protect the computer as completely as possible. The OSI offers users a free download section of free security tools, including antivirus.



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