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How to see who visits my WhatsApp profile


Whatsapp has become one of the most important messaging applications worldwide and even the number 1 in downloads. To date, it has approximately one billion users. It is also considered a social network, as each user has their own profile and can publish similar statuses to Instagram stories.

This last element is the most attractive for anyone who has a WhatsApp account, since it is possible to see a photo, as well as important information that anyone has, just by knowing their phone number. From there lies the question about whether it is possible to know who visualizes the profile or even looks at the photograph in it. So that you can clarify the doubts regarding this topic, read on and discover how to see who visits my WhatsApp profile

Can I really know who visits my WhatsApp profile?

Many people have asked themselves the same question, but, so far, the answer is a blunt no. Currently, it is not possible to determine which of your contacts has specifically reviewed your WhatsApp profile at a given time. It is only possible to observe the last connection or its status, if it has granted you permission to do so.

There are endless applications that are responsible for throwing approximations about the possible people who have reviewed your WhatsApp profile and the time they have done it, however, it is unlikely that these results are reliable. Many of these applications can be harmful to your device, in addition to selling you a fake service that they cannot fulfill.

How to see who looks at my WhatsApp profile on Android

As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to visualize or know, for sure, who looks at your profile on WhatsApp. However, there is, in the Android Play Store, an application called Profile Tracker for WhatsApp that claims to be able to perform an approximate calculation of people who have been able to perform this action in the last hours.

Who looks at my last connection on WhatsApp

If you have also wondered who looks at your last connection and you want to find out who is researching your activity on WhatsApp, Profile Tracker also says you can guess which of your contacts have reviewed this information recently. Also, the app offers the possibility of knowing the answer to questions such as who looks at my WhatsApp status and who looks at my WhatsApp photo.

Although some users ensure that the application works, it is most likely that you select a random group of your contacts and show them as if they had just seen your profile, since WhatsApp protects, at least at this point, the privacy of users.

There are many similar applications in the Android Play Store, such as Whats Tracker, which also ensure that you can uncover if someone has zoomed in your profile picture or if it has been saved inside your mobile device. It is not possible to know the answer to any of these questions.

Instead, we advise you to be careful with these types of applications. Some of them only seek to sell advertising by placing an irritating amount of ads in the app. Others, however, may install malware on your mobile device or intend to steal your private information.

How to see who visits my WhatsApp profile on iPhone

Although the offer of applications to know who visits your WhatsApp profile is almost non-existent in the Apple AppStore, there are small applications of this style that have been cast on users’ mobiles. One of them is WRevealer, whose installation requires software superior to iOS 8.3 and requires that your iPhone has Jailbreak.

To use it, once you have created the account with this application, you just have to refresh the panel in order to see which people have viewed your WhatsApp profile. In this case, the information is also, most likely, false, so you should not rely on these applications that could damage your mobile device.

Tricks to know who visits my WhatsApp

Without the need to use applications, another way to find out who looks at your profile is to place several states simultaneously , so that users stay for a while viewing your information. You will have 24 hours to check who are the people who have been looking at your states. Note that possibly these same users have stopped to view your profile. That way, you will know that they have a special interest in knowing what you publish.

If you don’t want anyone to see your WhatsApp information, you can simply leave it blank. Remember to take care of the type of content you publish on social networks, as it will be public and easily accessible for people who do not want to hear about your private affairs.

Anyway, you can modify who can see your profile picture, as well as your WhatsApp status, in the privacy settings of the application. You can choose if you want your information to be seen by anyone who adds your phone number, just by your contacts or by anyone at all.


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