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How to remove virus on Android


Has your Smartphone been infected by a virus? Don’t worry, here we have the solution for you. Android is a system that has advantages and disadvantages. While it gives you total freedom to install applications from unofficial stores, use accessories of any brand or allow you to create a super user to freely surf the web, it can also cause us problems, such as installing on our mobile phone a type of virus or malware known as Ad-Aware Here’s how to remove viruses on Android. Discover the safest solutions to make your Smartphone free of malware.

Types of viruses on Android

Malware means software created with bad intentions and there are different types of malware that can affect a mobile device. The best known are:

  • Trojan Its name is derived from the Trojan horse, a history of Greek mythology that speaks of deception. Trojans act by cheating, earning our trust until they settle on our mobile phone and move around the system freely.
  • It is a malicious application that infects and spreads through the Smartphone freely. These applications can work exclusively if you allow it, so they try to trick you when you start them by trying to provide them with the necessary permissions to run.


Malware prevention

If you want to prevent both Trojans and viruses from infecting your mobile, the most sensible thing is to use common sense and install an antivirus on the device. Remember that a mobile operating system works just like a computer, so it is necessary to install a good antivirus that protects it in order to navigate with peace of mind and total security.

We recommend installing AVG Antivirus for Google Play, which will help you protect yourself in the future and eliminate the virus that has already been installed on your device.

Also, and to prevent the installation of malware on our phone, we advise you to take into account the following recommendations:

  • Do not enter websites of doubtful legitimacy.
  • Do not install mobile applications of doubtful origin
  • Delete the history, if the browser seems to have hijacked you.
  • Activate from the settings the option to prevent the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Check the option to not allow or warn before installing any application that could damage the device.
  • Try to read all the permissions that an application asks for before installing it and do not allow it to claim access to your contacts. Otherwise, doubt its reliability.

How to remove viruses from an Android mobile

Android is a system that is based on Linux and is part of the Unix operating systems, which makes the probability that the system is infected by a virus is unlikely. However, if there has been a case in which a virus or a Trojan is affecting your device, you should put a quick and effective remedy to prevent its spread, since it is usually quite fast.

The best tool to prevent your device from being attacked by a virus is to protect it from malware through the installation of a good antivirus. Although you will find many and varied in Google Play, you must bet on one that gives you total security and confidence to quietly use your Smartphone. We recommend free and safer Android antivirus:

  • Avast Antivirus free for Android
  • Free Antivirus & Security
  • 360 Security – Antivirus

Once you have installed any of these antivirus on your device, follow the steps below to clean and remove any virus or Trojan that is currently installed on your mobile phone:

  1. Select the antivirus option known as “Scan now”, with which you can detect malicious files or applications and remove them from the phone.
  2. After scanning the antivirus will erase any trace of virus or Trojan.
  3. Once removed, make sure that the antivirus is not removed from the system in order to have it protected.


How to remove a Trojan from Android

In case your phone is being affected by a Trojan, we propose an effective solution: remove it manually. To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Start your device under the safe mode, which will help you so that third-party applications cannot work and, therefore, neither will malware.
  2. To set the safe mode, press the off button for a second to display the shutdown menu.
  3. Now, press again for a second and the option to start the device in safe mode will appear. In case your mobile does not offer the option in this way, make an inquiry via the Internet to know how to start the safe mode on a specific device.
  4. Tap on start in safe mode to activate it.
  5. Then, go to the route: Settings> Applications and access the “downloaded applications” section.
  6. Look in the list for the application with a strange name or that should not be installed. They usually appear with rare characters or difficult to pronounce names.
  7. Remove suspicious or recently installed applications and you have not consciously installed.
  8. If you have not been allowed to delete the application, exit the applications menu and go to the route: Settings> Security> Device Manager. Disable the specific application and return to the apps menu to permanently delete it.
  9. Restart the mobile phone and check that the device works perfectly again.

Remember, the first option to eliminate a virus on Android is to bet on manual removal through antivirus, always entering the safe mode and without disabling the security that these types of devices bring by default. If, even so, the problem continues, we recommend you reset your phone to factory settings.


  • It is advisable to pass the antivirus to our Android once a week.
  • Remember to use the antivirus whenever the device is connected to the light or the battery is full.


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