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How to prevent the volume of my PC from lowering by itself


You are listening to streaming music and suddenly the volume goes down without you having played anything. What happened? You turn it back up and when you say goodbye, the volume of your PC has suddenly dropped again. Stop worrying, it’s not like there are ghosts in your house … you just have to modify a question in the volume parameters of your computer. So do not wait any longer and find in this article a How to prevent the volume of your computer from lowering alone.

Steps to follow:

1.You keep repeating: ‘ the volume of my PC goes down by itself ‘ and you don’t know what button to touch to stop this from happening. Surely you have pressed more than once on the speaker icon located in the right corner of the lower Windows bar, but you do not find any option to help you solve the problem. Truth?

2.In fact, if you have opened the volume mixer, you have probably encountered the problem and most of the time the volume of your PC is lowered only in a specific application or program such as Google Chrome. It is for this reason that if, for example, you were listening to music or watching videos, the volume suddenly drops, although the volume controller appears to appear in the same place.

3.Well, let’s stop rolls and explain how to prevent the volume of the PC from lowering by itself. So start by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the Windows bar, right next to the clock. When the drop-down menu opens, select the ‘Sounds’ option.

4.As soon as a new window is opened, you will have to select the ‘ Communications ‘ tab at the top (by default it will ‘open in Sounds’) and once there, you will have to choose the option ‘Do nothing’.

In this way, you will be disabling that your computer can automatically lower the volume of the different PC sounds. Finally, you just need to press the Accept button and you’re done. From now on, you will no longer have mysterious conflicts with the volume controller and it will be you who controls at what level you want to hear sounds on your computer.


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