Electronics How to play camera videos on a PC

How to play camera videos on a PC


Consumers have a multitude of options when it comes to recording a digital video. Accessible and portable devices; Web cameras, digital cameras with video functions and digital video cameras to record movies in a number of qualities. Before you can watch and share your movies, you will have to transfer from your digital camera to your PC.

You will need to:

  • USB Cable
  • Camera software

Steps to follow:

1.Install the necessary drivers and specific software for the digital camera before using it for the first time. Many manufacturers include a CD in the package, which contains device drivers and editing software. Generally, you must install the software before connecting the camera, the software is specifically designed to read the data on the device. Insert the CD into your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. The procedure differs from one camera to another, but usually, you just need to click “Next” and choose the settings. Some programs will ask you to connect your camera at a certain point, do this only if requested.

2.Create a folder on your PC, where you can store your videos. Windows has a “My Videos” which is a folder that you can use or you can organize your own structure, which can be useful if you take a lot of videos. Click “Start” and open “Computer.” Go to the video folder to create a subfolder called “Camera name videos”, replace “Camera name” with the camera name. In this way, if you have more than one digital camera, you can keep your media separate.

3.Connect the camera to the PC using the included USB cable and turn on the camera. The first time it does, Windows takes a few seconds to recognize the device based on the drivers you have installed. Next he is asked what he would like to do with the media. If you use a camera with video functions, you will see two options for “Transferring images and video to my computer …” If it is a camcorder, the options that begin with “Transfer video to my computer. ..”One of the options is for a Windows-based transfer program and the other is for the specific software of each brand that you installed in step 1. Choose the second option.

4.Follow the on-screen instructions to copy the video files from the camera to the PC. Each program performs this task differently, but generally follows a similar routine. First, you will be given a list of video files with thumbnail images. Click the check box next to the videos you want to transfer and click “Next.” Next, select the folder that you created in step 2 and click “Next” to copy the video files to that folder.


  • Once you have transferred all the videos from the camera to the PC, you can delete the videos from the camera through the computer, but first make sure that the videos have been transferred correctly.



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