Games How to play Aliens vs. Predator 2

How to play Aliens vs. Predator 2


“Alien vs. Predator 2”, is a PC game where you must complete missions, you can select a free multiplayer mode for everyone. You can play as a Marine, Alien or Predator. The Marine Infantry and the predators use the same movements, but with different weapons, the rest of the characters do not use them. In multiplayer mode, the goal is to kill opponents as possible, while for single player missions offer a variety of objectives.

Steps to follow:

1.Insert the game disc “Alien vs. Predator 2” into the computer’s disk drive. Installation will be requested. Follow the instructions in the installation request. Double-click on the game’s desktop icon to start it.

2.Press “a player” with the mouse to start a campaign individually. On the other hand, press “Enter.” To start an online multiplayer game, press “Internet multiplayer.” To view your profile, select “Profile.” To exit, select “Exit.”

3.Click on “Load Game” to save a game. Press “Marine” to see a list of missions or “Select mission” to start a mission while you are a single player. Look at “Alien” or the “Predator” mission by pressing the corresponding submenu. After selecting a mission, select “Run” to start the mission.

4.Press the “Internet host games” button to open multiplayer game options. Select the options and press the “Start” button.

5.Take the guns if you are playing as a Marine or Predator. Press the “W” button to move forward, “S” to go back or with the “K” key you can machine gun. Shoot by clicking the right mouse button. If you are a Marine, change weapons with “Q”, “Z” or the click wheel. Squat down with a “Shift” key and reload with an “R”. A predator uses the same weapons and controls as a marine, but has different weapons. As a foreigner, jump with “E”, walk with the left “Shift” or squat with the “Ctrl” keys.


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