Blogging How to make my blog appear on Google

How to make my blog appear on Google


If you are starting in this blog and Internet, surely you know that one of your first goals is to make Google echo your existence and start indexing and include in your search results. Have you been on the Internet for a few days and the search engine par excellence still doesn’t pay much attention to you? Do not worry, sooner or later you will end up appearing. Do you want to speed up the process? Here we tell you how to make your blog appear on Google.

Steps to follow:

1.If you publish frequently, Google will end up detecting your blog, but it can also be you who take the initiative and indicate that you exist. To do this, go to, and enter the URL of your blog and click on “Send request “.

This tool can also be very useful as an anti-plagiarism system, that is, if we publish an article on our blog and automatically make a request for indexing this URL, we will avoid so that any user can copy our content on their blog, and index it on the search engine before us, which could end up hurting us in certain circumstances, since Google could believe that we are the ones who are plagiarizing, when the situation is really just the opposite

2.Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and submit a sitemap. Follow the instructions at to add your blog (it will be very practical in the future) and, once registered, enter its section and add the site map. It will help Google index pages that you might not otherwise be able to detect.

3.Google also takes into account that other pages link to your blog, so you have to start promotional work. In addition to inserting your links whenever you can interact with other blogs, enter links to their contents and, most importantly, take care of your texts so that other users feel inclined to share them.

4.Finally, what should be the first: take care of your blog? Google appreciates that the content is original and of quality, as well as being updated frequently. Spend time and pampering and you will soon see how the blog appears in Google results, increasingly higher.

If you are looking to exponentially increase the positioning and traffic process of your Blog, contact professionals, so they can help you, auditing your website through an SEO Consulting



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