Social Media How to know who doesn't follow me on Instagram

How to know who doesn’t follow me on Instagram


With around 1.2 billion users active daily, Instagram can boast being one of the pillars of social networks. The versatility to share audiovisual content and the many new features it has made this platform the most popular social network of all.

If you like browsing Instagram, you may have wondered what people do not follow you despite having followed them. Do not worry, if you have this question, then we will solve it here. Discover how to know who does not follow me on Instagram and knows all the details and applications necessary to decipher this mystery.

Can I see who doesn’t follow me on Instagram?

The world of Instagram is a huge sea of ​​people who follow and stop following accounts quite quickly. There are many people who understand Instagram as an entertainment platform and do not feel concern for users who can stop following their account, however, there are other people who are interested in having knowledge of this data: whether for business, market strategies, analysis of a target or simple curiosity.

If you are from this last group of people and ask yourself “who doesn’t follow me?” and “can I see who doesn’t follow me on Instagram?” We have good news to give you: yes, you can see who does not follow you on Instagram with a large number of apps and programs to get exact information about your account. The bad news is that most of these services are paid, although if you belong to a company, it may be that investing some money to keep good control is the best option.

Instagram FollowMeter

Of course, there are “rudimentary” steps that you can use to discover who does not follow you on Instagram, but these require sacrificing a lot of time, because you must keep a list of your followers and followed to see which users match and which do not.

There are apps that provide some services to see who does not follow us on Instagram, but the free packages they have quite limited functions. This is the case of the FollowMeter and FollowersTrack apps, which in addition to being unsatisfactory for many users have presented security problems.

How to know who doesn’t follow me on Instagram

“How to know who doesn’t follow me on Instagram?” It is the million- dollar question for instagramers or influencers and brands that are advertised on that social network. Many will say that it is enough to hire the services of the apps that give results in real time, but as we have seen this option is more complex than it seems.

For starters, many of these applications are not secure and, in addition, due to the recent Instagram algorithm change, the platform has taken a much more severe position against these invasive apps, a risk that could even lead you to lose your account permanently. If you want to see if someone follows you on Instagram, these are the simplest steps you should follow:

  1. First, go to your Instagram account and go to your profile. Then open the Followers tab.
  2. Once there, you will have an ascending view of all the accounts that follow you and, next, you will see if you follow them or not.
  3. If what you want is to know if a specific person follows you or not, just type the user’s name in the search bar. If it does not appear, it is because it has never followed you or stopped.

While it is true that this answer answers the question of how to know who does not follow me on Instagram, you may want to see a generic list of those users who gave you unfollow even if you still follow them.


Manage followers on Instagram: app to see followers

Knowing who does not follow me on Instagram is, as we have seen, the great concern of many users. Next, from a COMO, we present some of the most used and reliable applications to discover who does not follow you on Instagram:

This website, which also has an app, is one of the few that shows exactly who has recently stopped following you. In addition, it can also show you those accounts that do not follow you even if you do follow them, that is, who has not given you follow back. This app can also present you, in the form of an ascending list, all the accounts that follow you and those that you are still segmented in each of their categories. The bad thing about this ingenious tool is that the best features are saved for its paid version.

Followers +

This app has one of the most detailed interfaces you’ll find in the market. It also offers the option of seeing who has stopped following us and who does not follow us for free. Another useful function that this application has is that it can be programmed to stop following accounts that automatically stop following you. As if this were not enough, it also has a special section to see the scope and popularity of each photograph or image you publish.


Crowdfire is one of the favorite apps of brands, influencers and instagrammers. This digital tool allows us to see who does not follow us and who has stopped following us, giving the option to automatically stop following them; both on Instagram and on Twitter. It also shows us those who return the follow, the users that may have us locked and those inactive people in each social network, something that can be very useful to renew the people you follow. Crowdfire also allows its users to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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