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How to know if Wi-Fi is stolen


Do you think someone is using your Wi-Fi network? There are some indications that may indicate that your connection is being used by another person and, in reality, it is not so difficult to find out if this is being so. It is important that you verify this information because, in addition to your neighbor or the type of bar below, it may also be that the person accessing your network is a hacker and commits illegal actions that can lead to a serious problem with justice. In this article of a How we are going to tell you how to know if the Wi-Fi is stolen so that you can follow, step by step, the recommendations that we indicate and, thus, know if your connection is protected.

Steps to follow:

1.In order to know if the Wi-Fi is being stolen, the first thing is to verify your Internet connection. It is true that on windy or rainy days, the connection may be affected as well as there are times when there may be some technical failure that makes your navigation slower than normal but, the truth is that usually the Wifi always works correctly. So if lately you see that your connection is slower than usual, maybe the reason is that someone is stealing the signal.

In addition to the speed you can also look at your router and if you see that the light destined to Wifi (or WLAN) is flashing after having turned off all devices (smartphones included) is a clear indication that someone is using your network.

2.In addition to the naked eye, you can also verify if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi using online tools that are free to use and that are available for both Windows and Mac. Next we will differentiate you the different applications that you can use as you connect:

Microsoft Windows and Apple

  • Wireless Network Watcher
  • Microsoft Network Monitor

Mobile devices (Android)

  • Fing
  • Network Discovery
  • Net scan

IOS mobile devices

  • Fing
  • IP Network Scanner
  • iNet

The only flaw in these tools is that they can only detect the devices that are connected at the same time, there is no possibility of accessing a list of other IP’s that have been able to connect to your Wifi.


3.Another way to know if the Wifi is being stolen is to check the router. This device has a record that will allow you to find out if, besides you, there is someone else connected to the network at that moment. To do this you have to enter the router administration interface and, there, click your IP address in the browser bar (it appears on the same router).

You will see a box open and, there, we must enter the following code: ipconfig / all. Then click “enter” and you will see that an address appears in the browser bar, copy it and the interface of your router will open. It will ask you for the username and password that you can find in the router manual or on the sticker.

Then you just have to look for the history of the devices connected to the Wifi. This information usually appears in the DHCP section or if you are going to consult the equipment associated with the network, there will appear a record. Clicking this option will show you all the IP addresses that are connected to your router, in case there is more than one it is because they are effectively stealing the Wifi connection.

4.If a hacker connects to your network and manages to navigate using your connection, he can commit different computer crimes that can put your integrity as a person at risk. Think that these people can use the networks to attack banks, download criminal files (weapons, drugs, child abuse, etc.) or commit any type of fraud, so be careful with this! If you do not detect it in time it is possible that the police will end up going to your house to stop you.

You can prevent the Wi-Fi from being stolen by following a few simple steps that will improve the security of your network and help you protect yourself:

  • Change the password: even if by default you have a password specified by the manufacturer, it is best to change it and put one that contains upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, so it will be more difficult for them to find out.
  • Configure the router: there is an option on the router that allows you to specify that only the devices you want are connected, so, if someone tries to connect, they cannot do so easily.
  • Change the name of the Wifi: if you change the name that comes by default from the SSID you will get that the person who wants to connect cannot find your device nor will it inform you of your connection if someone is looking for wireless connections; To find it, you just have to manually enter the name you have indicated.



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