Phones How to know if they spy on my mobile

How to know if they spy on my mobile


It is increasingly common to hear cases of espionage through the mobile in the media and, perhaps in a somewhat exaggerated way, this encourages an alarmism that ends up doubting the safety of these devices so fundamental in our day to day in the Today, especially because we have a lot of personal information on our mobile: photos, conversations, our bank account … If you ask yourself how to know if they spy on my mobile , as well as knowing a series of important aspects to prevent it in the event that have reason to think so, keep reading and we will tell you.

Why does someone spy on someone else’s mobile

The first thing we want to clarify before explaining how to know if they spy on your mobile, is that you have to take into account is that spying through the mobile phone , although it is very popular in the media when there is a case, is a practice much less usual than most society believes.

When a person is spying on his mobile phone, it is done to obtain some specific information, especially information related to private conversations. However, most people are completely inconsequential for those who could spy on mobile phones. This is important to keep in mind, because if we think about the conversations that we have on a daily basis most ordinary citizens, do you really think that those who have the technical and economic capacity to spy on a mobile phone would be interested in knowing information about you?

In most cases, the answer to this question will be negative, since except for specific cases, most of the lives of ordinary people are completely inconsequential for those who can carry out this espionage. However, of course, if they are people who may have sensitive information, this spying could be carried out and, in these cases, it is convenient to know what you may be facing.

However, it may also be the case that you feel that the one who spies on your cell phone is a person close to you, perhaps some jealous ex-partner or someone looking to control you. In these cases, it is best to go to the police.

How can you spy on a mobile

Broadly speaking there are two spying methods through the mobile phone. On the one hand, the spy can listen to your calls. This is what is commonly known as ” pricking a phone “This is something quite simple to do in the case of landlines, but, in the case of mobiles, it is somewhat more complicated. This is because, to prick a phone, it is necessary to access the terminal itself to install or a specific hardware or software that carries out such spying. It is true that there is a simpler way, which is that it is the user himself who downloads said software without knowing what he is doing, when opening an email or a app In this case, the spyware would act as a computer virus, forcing the phone to send information and recordings to other terminals from where they would be heard.

On the other hand, in addition to clicking mobile phones to listen to calls, there is also the roving bug. This method of spying through the telephone consists of using software to remotely control the microphone of a telephone. In this way, the microphone is activated and records everything that happens around it without the owner being aware of it, since the terminal shows no signs of being on at any time. This spying system is more common than the previous one, since, according to experts, it is easier to execute.

How to know if they spy on me on my mobile

One of the problems that arise when it comes to knowing if they spy on your mobile phone or not is that, except in cases where you have advanced computer skills , it is quite complicated to detect it. However, there are certain aspects that could help us detect this improper use of the terminal, especially if the method used is the roving bug.

Although the phone does not give signals that it is being operated, to send the information that we want to subtract, the terminal needs to use energy to send that information. It is right there where you can detect if our phone is being used so that we do not know.

One of the easiest ways to find out is if the battery starts to drain much faster than it would be normal with the use we make of the phone. This can be a symptom that the phone is working in the background to send the information that has been stolen. Of course, it will be necessary to take into account the type of phone, the time of the same, as well as that of the battery since, naturally, it is normal for the batteries to degrade and spend more quickly the more time has passed since its use has begun.

On the other hand, it can also be a sign that they are spying on us through the cell phone if the mobile phone itself overheats abnormally, both after a call or without using it. This would be a consequence of the work that the terminal has to do in the background to send the information they want to steal from us.

Finally, another very simple way to check it would be if, when the phone is not being used, we place it near a radio, TV or computer. In short, any electronic device that may have interference. If interference is caused by the phone when it is being used, we should not be scared. However, when these interferences occur constantly and prolonged with the phone idle, it can be a sign that you are sending information in the background without us being aware of it.


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