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How to know if I’m banned in Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go has unleashed a whole world madness, because this augmented reality game offers us a possibility that no other product has been able to give us until now: playing in real and real-time environments, discovering stops and points of interest in your city in order to get as many Pokémon as possible, evolve them and become a master.

However, the ways that have emerged to hack the game, alter the location of the GPS and even the APK that allows its download in countries where it is not yet available, has resulted in Nintendo starting the user ban, suspending them for several days. ¿ How to know if you are banned in Pokémon Go or simply have fallen servers? Keep reading, because at we explain it to you.

Causes why Nintendo can ban you

If you live in one of the countries where the download of the game is already available through Google Play or the App Store and you have downloaded and used it lawfully, without rooting it and without using the various tricks to hack it, then you can be calm because you do not run risks of bans.

However, if you have performed some of the following actions you can be banned by Niantic:

  • Having downloaded the game using the APK, if Pokémon Go is not yet available in your country, downloading it in this way is an attempt to deceive the system, something that Niantic wants to penalize.
  • Hacking the system to move around the world and capture figures in other countries and cities.
  • Use multiple accounts to play, exchange and even sell them.
  • Use hacks to catch pokemones without leaving home, to travel more kilometers than you actually do or any other trap that allows you to level up faster than you should or get more figures than you can actually catch.

Nintendo intends to demonstrate to its user community that traps are paid dearly here, so thanks to their bans you may have trouble using the game and even entering it.

What happens if I get banned in Pokémon Go?

Although the idea is to show that the traps are not worth it in this community, the bakeouts in Pokémon Go start softly first: you can enter the game but for a few hours you will not be able to do anything , or capture pokemones, or compete in the gyms, almost like If you didn’t exist

However, if you continue doing things that Niantic considers illegal, then you can suffer a ban of several days without being able to enter the game or, in the worst case, be completely eliminated from the community and not be able to use it again, the maximum penalty for the most cheats.

Signs that you have been banned

Now how do I know if I’m banned in Pokémon Go? The following signals will indicate that you have suffered a light ban:

  • You enter the game but you can’t catch wild pokemones, they run away from you like the plague.
  • The pokemones appear, but you can’t throw them any poke ball and therefore it is impossible to catch them.
  • The pokemones give us absolutely nothing, they seem to be frozen and do not throw the succulent prizes we look for in them.
  • In addition you cannot fight in the gyms, that is, you can basically enter the app but it will be as if you did not exist, without being able to enjoy the excitement of the game.

In the case of more serious bans it will not be possible to enter the app and, even, your account can be deleted by Niantic if they deem it appropriate, so it is best to play legally to avoid major risks.

Ban or fallen servers?

It is appropriate to remember that the servers of the game, due to the collapse that they are suffering, fall very frequently, so if you cannot enter, before imagining the worst make sure it is not a problem with the server.



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