Games How to get free Pokéballs

How to get free Pokéballs


The appearance of the Pokémon GO video game has meant a great mass phenomenon for the thousands of fans of these creatures who, after many years, can become authentic Pokémon trainers and go hunting for Pikachu, Charizard and company.

However, when we start playing, we often encounter a major problem, we want to hunt a Pokémon but we don’t have pokeballs (or pokeballs) to do it, so what?

Here we want to put all the facilities so you only have to have fun.

Steps to follow:

1.Pokéballs or Pokéballs are an essential element to be able to play Pokémon Go, since they are the only way we can catch the Pokémon that appear. As you know, every time you throw a Powerball you lose it and, because of this, on many occasions we run out of Pokéballs to be able to hunt. Many people wonder how to get free Pokéballs so they can enjoy this fantastic game without fear of running out of them.

If we emphasize the free is because the easiest way is to pay. If you have the money and want to invest it in fun you can buy infinite Pokéballs through the game itself and through the pokemones. With a cost of 0.99 euros, you can buy a lot of 20 Pokéballs, that is, for less than 5 euros you can get 100 Pokeballs.

2.But if what you want is to know how to get the free pokéballs here we leave you some tricks:

First of all, it is essential that you make the most of the possibilities that Pokémon Go offers you. The game itself is getting you knew pokéballs, so it is very important to know how to make the most of them and get all the possible pokéballs. When we open Pokémon Go for the first time, 50 pokeballs appear, however, we have many possibilities to increase this number and get more free pokéballs.

The first one is through pokemones, the simplest and most effective way to get free pokéballs. Every time you visit a pokemones you can get around 3 pokéballs, and the best of all is that in 5 minutes you can go back for more. What we recommend is that you go to a place where there are enough pokemones, in this way you can get a lot of them and you will not have the need to spend money to get them.

A good advice is, when you go to dinner outside or have a drink, do it in a place near a pokemones, in this way, simply by opening the application every 5 minutes you can get plenty of free pokéballs and without moving from the site.

3.Another relatively simple way to get free pokéballs is leveling up. Each time we increase our level the game gives us rewards, including many pokéballs. That is why it is important that you try to raise the maximum possible levels and thus be able to get pokeballs without the need to spend money. Here is a list with the number of pokéballs you receive for each level you raise:

  • Level 2:15 pokéballs
  • Level 3:15 pokéballs
  • Level 4:15 pokéballs
  • Level 6:15 pokéballs
  • Level 7:15 pokéballs
  • Level 8:15 pokéballs
  • Level 9:15 pokéballs
  • Level 10:15 Pokeballs
  • Level 11:15 pokéballs
  • Level 12:20 superballs
  • Level 13:15 superballs
  • Level 14:15 superballs
  • Level 15:15 superballs
  • Level 16:10 superballs
  • Level 17:10 superballs

The levels that do not appear is because they have no reward in the form of pokeball, although you do have it in the form of other items such as incenses, potions or eggs.

4.Pokémon Go is a fantastic game that offers us many hours of fun while we go out and spend some fun time with friends, that’s why we are against the traps and cheats that run on the internet and ensure we can get pokéballs Infinite or free pokéballs without doing anything.

We must notify you of two things about these ads; First of all, many of these applications and websites that offer you the possibility of obtaining pokéballs are malware and viruses that try to infiltrate your smartphone in order to obtain your personal data, don’t bite! Also, how funny is it to play a game if you then try to cheat?

The second thing you should keep in mind is that, although there are some jailbreak for Android and iOS to get infinite Pokéballs, Niantic, the company that has developed the Pokémon Go game, is very attentive to these things and there are few users they have been banned for doing these practices.

5.Get all! It is the motto of Pokémon, however, this maxim you do not have to take it to the letter. The objective, apart from having fun and having fun, is to get all the Pokémon and fill in the Pokédex, so it is absurd to have 10 or 15 units of the same Pokémon. A good advice to keep the maximum of Pokéballs and not waste them is to try to hunt only Pokémon that interest us. If you already have it or you don’t have a good experience, you don’t have to waste the precious Pokéballs.


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