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How to fix blurry photos


Surely it has ever happened to you: everything in the photo is as it should, with its correct framing, people with open eyes and perfect light, but … it is blurred! A bad approach can completely ruin a photo that is otherwise well and always very sad. It is normal to sigh and resign to lose that image, but did you know that it is possible to fix it in many cases? Let it not be for not trying! Here we tell you how to fix blurry photos.

Steps to follow:

1.The simplest way to fix a blurry photo is to use one of the multiple online photo editors on the web. Many of them are also free, so you won’t need to pay anything. For this particular tutorial we will use Pixlr, a pretty good editor that is perfect for this task. Go to

2.Once in Pixlr, do a little scrolling until you find three great pictures with the three main services of the page: Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr O-Matic. The one that interests us is the first one, Pixlr Editor, an online editor very similar to Photoshop. Click on its “Launch Web App” button.

3.You will enter the editor, where you will see a window from which you must choose the image you want to retouch. You can choose to open it from your computer (possibly this is the option you want), from a URL or from an image library (of pixlr, your Facebook photos, etc.). Select the option you want and open the image.

Now that you have the photo you want to focus open in the editor, go to the top bar menu of Pixlr. Click on Filters. In the drop-down menu that will open with all the filters you can apply you will see one called “Focus”. Click there for the image to focus automatically.

Pixlr performs very subtle approaches, so it is possible that after passing the filter you notice that the difference is not enough. To continue focusing you just have to repeat the process of step 4 (Filters> Focus) as many times as you want until the image looks the way you like it.

Now you just have to save and download the image now that it is no longer blurred. To do this, go to File> Save. A window will open in which you can choose where you want to save the image, if on your PC, the library of Pixlr, FacebookFlickr or Picasa. Select the option you prefer, the location where you want to save the photo and click Ok. Ready!



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