Blogging How to create a technology blog

How to create a technology blog


Start amortizing your passion for technology by creating a specialized blog on this topic that will help you share your experience with other users and, in addition, you will also be able to earn some money thanks to advertising or content marketing. In this article we are going to discover how to create a technology blog indicating everything you need to know to start a blog from scratch: get the domain, customize your blog, upload content and get money. You want to know more? Well read on!

Domain and hosting

If you want to start with a technology blog, the first step to do this is to hire a domain, that is, the name that will have the URL of your blog (for example:,, etc.).

As you have seen in the two examples, the most recommended is that the options you choose are related to the theme that your blog will talk about, in this case, technology and that the name of the blog is easy to remember. Opting for very long or difficult domains is not a good idea because, after all, it will be the way in which people go to your website and get loyal users.

As soon as you decide on a domain name, the following is to verify that it is available. This check can be done with GoDaddy, a tool that will allow you to see if the name is being used or, on the contrary, you can buy it and make it yours.

As soon as you have decided on the free domain of your blog, the following is to hire a hosting, that is, the web hosting where your blog will be. GoDaddy also offers hosting services that adapt to your needs and, therefore, has at your disposal different packs that include diverse functionalities and are designed for all user levels. In the attached image you will see the options that they put at your disposal as well as the prices.

The template for your blog

After having your hosting and domain, the next step is to think about the design that your website will have: colors, distribution, typology, etc. If you do not have knowledge of web design, it is recommended that you get a default template that you can customize and achieve a more adjusted result to your tastes.

If you are used to working with WordPress, you will know that it is one of the most used software to create blogs and websites and, in addition, it offers a wide catalog of customizable templates that can be obtained both for free and for paying. GoDaddy offers you the possibility to hire WordPress and get benefit from all uses of this software externally.

Here you will see a screenshot of the various options offered to you so you can create a technology blog with your own personality:

Customize a blog

Once you have chosen the template, the next step is to start customizing your blog so that it looks like you want. It is important to do this step because, if you opt for a default template, think that many people will also use it and your design will look very repetitive. Therefore, upload the logo of your website or blog, install specific plugins to offer different alternatives (sign up for the newsletter, follow you on Facebook, etc.), create a menu with the categories you will talk about in the blog, etc.

One of the most important aspects of online content is the graphic aspect: photos, videos, illustrations, etc. For this reason, it is important that you use royalty-free images that are of quality. In this sense, in a How we advise you to use image banks at a good price like Shutterstock that offers professional snapshots for very little.

Upload content to a blog

The main engine of a blog is the content you offer, that is, the articles, the news you hang, and so on. But not all content is worth it but you have to take into account some basic premises established by the Internet giant, Google, and that will help you position your technology blog and that people interested in this topic can easily find you.

In this sense, you must take into account some points related to the creation of online content:

  • Articles ofat least 300 words: in order to be well positioned and that people can find your blog, it is important that the posts you publish are at least 300 words.
  • Original content: forget about copying / pasting content from other websites because Google will penalize you and much! Write the articles yourself, offering new, fresh and original content.
  • He writes regularly: it won’t help to have a blog if you only write on it once a month. You have to publish new information frequently so that Google detects that it is working and that you continue to offer content to users.
  • Detect trends: you may love technology but there is something that escapes you, so if you want to win more readers and keep up with the trends, it is best to learn how to use Google Trends, a tool that It will help you know what people are looking for in this search engine.

Earn money with a blog

Maybe your goal when creating a technology blog was to make money online, so you should know that this is possible as long as you know the right tools for it. In the case of blogs, the most feasible income is derived from advertising and, in this sense, you should know that there are two advertising sources:

  • Google AdSenseGoogle’sadvertising system that makes ads from companies that use Adwords appear on your blog. The payment system can be by click (that is, you earn X money when someone clicks on the ad) or by impressions (that is, you earn X every time someone sees the ad, even if you do not interact with it). Obviously, the amount you receive is higher if someone clicks than if you only see it.
  • Affiliate marketing: affiliate with specific companies to make your blog ads more suitable with the subject, it is possible thanks to affiliate marketing. In addition, both forms can be used at the same time and, thus, double the possibilities of making your blog profitable.


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