Blogging How to create a photo blog

How to create a photo blog


If you are fascinated by the world of photography, nothing better than sharing your knowledge and showing your snapshots more spectacular than on your own blog or website. Would you like to tell this virtual space but you don’t know very well where to start? Don’t worry! Here we have prepared this guide in which we show you all the basics you need to know to create a photo blog. You will see that it is not as complicated as it seems and that in a few steps, you can turn your great passion into a business opportunity, in addition to expanding your skills and experiences in the field of photography.

Domain and hosting

Before you start creating your photo blog, you must choose a good domain, that is, the name that appears in the address bar and by which users will recognize your blog or website. Your choice is very important and, therefore, you should opt for those domains that are directly related to the theme of your blog, that contain words linked to its content, that is easy to remember and simple. On the contrary, stay away from those names that are too far-fetched, personalized or long.

Shuffle different domain options and once you have thought about a few, you should check its availability on websites such as GoDaddy , so you can know if a domain in question is already being used or not by another user, in addition to informing you about its price.

Once you have purchased it, it will be time to hire the hosting, which is the web hosting for your domain. For this, you can also use the services of GoDaddy, since it offers you different hosting options at a very affordable price and, in addition, personalized plans that include both domain and hosting services. In this way, you can obtain both things easily and at a price adapted to your budget.

As we have pointed out, you can choose between various options as you can in the following image, but we recommend you call it “Personal”, as it is perfect for blogs or newly created websites.

Choose a template

Already have the domain and hosting? Perfect! The next step is the creation of your photo blog itself; But since this becomes a very complicated task if you do not have knowledge in web design, the best option is to choose to install a default template that you can easily customize based on your preferences and tastes.

In this sense, WordPress can be of great help, as this famous software for the creation of blogs and websites, offers you multiple predetermined templates from which you can choose the one that best suits the demands of your blog. A good option is to choose a WordPress plan under payment, which also includes other services related to hosting and security. For this, nothing better than going to the Go Daddy website , where it is possible to hire excellent packs to have WordPress and start taking advantage of all its features.

In the following image, you can see all the plans that are offered but in the case of a new photo blog, the “Basic Plan” is undoubtedly the best alternative. As you can see, its price is very affordable.

Customize your photo blog

Once you have covered the previous steps, it is important that you take some time to personalize your photo blog and turn it into a unique and unrepeatable space. Take into account that the default templates are used by many different users, so it is essential that you customize your blog design to the maximum, so that it is completely different from that of others who also have a virtual space dedicated to the Photography.

To achieve this customization, you can create special menus, create a logo for the blog, install specific social media plugins, make combinations of colors and frames … and everything you consider necessary to give that touch of originality to your website.

In addition to uploading your photographs and creating your own montages, it will be essential that you enhance the visual part of the blog to the fullest including different images. In this way, you will capture the user’s attention more easily and get you to stay longer browsing your blog. We advise you to make use of a reliable and secure image bank such as Shutter stock, so that you can have countless photographs without the need to worry about copyright and possible legal problems. In addition, their prices are really interesting and can perfectly adapt to your budget!

The importance of good content

The visual part is very important but it is not the only thing to repair, since good content is key for any blog or website to be successful and can be in the top positions of Google. Achieving this is essential, since otherwise the blog will not receive visits and the chances of turning it into a profitable business will be virtually nil. Pay attention to the points you should keep in mind to generate quality content and become a reference photo blog:

  • Forget about copying and pasting information from other websites, this is highly penalized by Google. To position your blog, you must strive to publish content that is 100% original.
  • The length of the texts is also important. The most advisable thing is that they have at least about 300 words, in this way Google will consider that it is a good explanatory content favoring its positioning in the search engine.
  • You must be constant in the publication of content, because if you upload new and fresh content to your blog every day, Google will rate you better and will consider you as a reference website.
  • All texts must be well written and without any spelling or grammatical errors that make reading difficult.
  • Use tools like Google Trends to be aware of those terms related to photography most sought after by users. This is a good method to detect exactly what the user is looking for in the search engine and will help you win visits.

Advertising to make money with your blog

Would you like to make money with your photo blog? It is not something simple, but in order to turn your passion into a profitable business, you cannot forget about incorporating advertising into your blog or website.

There are many ways available to add ads to your blog, but one of the most reliable and secure is the one offered by Google Ad Sense, which is the Google advertising system through which you can insert different ad units and earn money based on cost per click With this, every time a user clicks on an ad, you earn money.


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