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How to convert a video or audio to text


There are many useful methods and tools for those who wonder how to pass a video to text or how to convert an audio to text. If you have to transcribe an audio file and do not want to spend hours doing it by hand, knowing some of these options is essential. However, it is possible that if this is the first time you try to carry out this task, you will find yourself lost in a sea of ​​possible programs.

To make this search a much faster process, Here we teach you how to convert a video or audio to text. Take note and don’t miss any of our proposals, let’s go there!

How to convert an audio file to text online

To know how to convert an audio to text it is necessary that you know some free programs that will give you that option. It is not a complicated task but, of course, the step by step will change depending on the program you like best. We offer you some of the best programs to convert audio into text:

  • Speech to Text: This is a very effective option for those looking for a quick program to pass audios to text online. In addition, Speech to Text will allow you to use both the microphone to record live audio and upload an already made recording. This is a website that recognizes many languages: Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German and Mandarin.
  • Bear File Converter: this is another free and fast option for the impatient who do not want to download programs or pay for them to enjoy an effective transcription. The main difference between this proposal and the previous one is that while Speech to Text can identify several languages, Bear File Converter only works for English audios.
  • Inqscribe: if you want to go about insurance, this is one of the best programs that exist to transcribe audios. Although it is not an online option (that is, you have to download the program), it is a tool full of features and nuances that you can customize. Of course, with Inqscribe you will not be able to make recordings directly.
  • Vocalmatic: Vocalmatic is another very advanced program perfect for those who want to make professional transcripts. Despite having only 30 free minutes of trial, there are many experts who think it is worth paying for Vocalmatic. This is mainly because it is a program compatible with all types of audio files, not just MP3 and MP4 (something that does not happen with the other programs). In addition, this option will allow you to edit and refine the transcript once finished.

Once you have chosen the program to convert an audio into text, you just have to follow the instructions on the specific website. We show you a step by step with the example of Speech to Text:

  1. Open the web page and go down to the audio control panel.
  2. The first thing you will have to do is select the language you want. You will find a list of options by clicking on “Voice Model”.
  3. In the “Keywords to spot” section you can add, separated by commas, those keywords to transcribe and understand the text correctly.
  4. If you want to record your own live audio, click on the “Record Audio” option with a microphone drawing.
  5. You will see a pop-up window below the URL that asks if you allow the web to access your microphone. You will have to click on the “Allow” option.
  6. If, otherwise, you prefer to upload an already recorded file, you will have to select the “Upload Audio File” option.


How to convert an audio to Word text

There are many people who wonder if there is a program to convert audio into Word text, so from a COMO we want to explain how this process works.

The truth is that there are many websites that will allow you to save a transcript in Word format or, at least, copy your transcript so you can paste it into a document. It is a very fast, easy and effective method, however, there are several programs that limit this option to those who pay for the service. In addition to the above options, here we offer you a couple of free and effective programs that will be useful for you:

  • TalkTyper: it is a very easy to use free program that allows you to speak directly to the microphone to transcribe a text. You will only have to give the program permission to use the microphone and start recording. TalkTyper gives you the option to send a transcript to the mail, print it or copy it into a document.
  • Google Docs: Transcribing audios directly into Google Docs is very easy, as it is a tool that allows clear voice dictation in a few steps. All you need is a Google account to access Docs. Once there, select a new document and make sure the language selected is yours. Next, access the Tools Menu and select “Voice Writing”. Then a floating window will appear with the drawing of a microphone that will allow you to record when you click. To stop transcription, you just have to click on the microphone drawing again. Ready!


How to convert a video to text

If what you want is to extract the text of a video or transcribe a video online for free, from an HOW we explain how to do it easily. There are two main options to carry out this process, so below we present them step by step.

Extract text from a YouTube video

Did you know that you can extract the text of the video you want directly from YouTube? To get a video transcript you just have to:

  1. Select the video you want to watch.
  2. Before it starts playing, go to the three points you will find below the video.
  3. Click on the “Open transcript” option.
  4. Next, a box will open next to the video that will allow you to obtain and copy the text of the transcript second by second.


Extract text from a video outside of YouTube

If you want to convert a video that does not come from YouTube, the easiest and fastest way will be to extract the audio and then convert it as we have taught you before.

  1. If you want to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 audio, we advise you to use a website like this. It is fast and very easy to use, so paste the link you want to convert in the writing bar and wait a few seconds to get the download.
  2. If you want to convert a video that is not uploaded to YouTube, use an MP3 converter like this, because there you can select a file to convert directly from your computer.
  3. Once you have obtained the audios of the videos, you can proceed to obtain the transcript with the methods and programs that we have presented in the first section.


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