Electronics How to connect the PC to the TV

How to connect the PC to the TV


Connecting the PC to the TV will allow us to play our favorite video games on a larger screen, play the videos and multimedia files of the computer on TV, and watch YouTube videos on TV and endless advantages. It is much more comfortable to watch it on TV than in front of the monitor in a small room, especially if you are several people; so from a How do we take the opportunity to explain how to connect the PC to the TV with both the Internet and without the Internet.

Steps to follow:

1.We start with connections without Internet, wired connections. A priori it is simpler to connect the PC to the TV with a cable, especially if it is a laptop. Just look at what input ports the TV has and what ports the computer has. From there you just have to buy the cable that allows us to connect the computer to the TV. Keep in mind that you will need a cable long enough to get from the PC to the TV.

2.One of the most common connections is HDMI. Most new televisions and computers incorporate this connection that allows us a video and audio connection on a single high-definition cable. If it is not heard or the sound is played on the computer, the HDMI sound output of the PC must be enabled. To do this, click on the speaker with the right button and select “production devices”. In “properties” enable the “Use of this device” option.

3.If the TV or PC are older you can use a scart to connect them. Remember that the yellow connector is a Composite Video cable that the RCA (white and red) are for sound.

4.The third option is to use a VGA (analog) or DVI (digital) connection , although in this case the TV would work as a monitor. To solve this problem, we can use a headphone jack (minijack) to connect the computer to the computer audio input of the TV. In the background is a connection similar to HDMI but with two cables.

5.If we want to connect through the Internet there is only one option in which we have to use a cable, connect the TV to the router through an RJ-45 connector (like the one that connects the router to the phone). Of course, this option has some drawbacks such as that the router must be near the TV so that the cable arrives and no signal is lost and that the rest of the PC in the house must be connected wirelessly.

6.To connect the PC to the TV via Wi-Fi, you will need the LAN adapter sold by the manufacturer of your TV since conventional adapters are not usually used for TV. Once we have it, we connect the TV and the PC to the same network and, on the computer, we follow the itinerary. Control panel – Screen – Adjust resolution – Detect and the same as on the computer will appear on TV. Click on “apply” and, if it appears, click on “keep the screen settings”.


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