Electronics How to clean the laptop screen with homemade products

How to clean the laptop screen with homemade products


With use, exposure to the environment and our habits (eating in front of the computer etc.), it is normal for the screen and keyboard of our laptop to get dirty with dust and especially stains that are sometimes very difficult to remove. Of course, in specialized stores you can get cleaning products, but at home we also have cheaper allies. Discover how to clean the laptop screen with homemade products

You will need to:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Drinking water
  • An atomizer
  • A cotton cloth

Steps to follow:

1.Dissolve a portion of isopropyl alcohol (the one to apply on wounds) with one of water, preferably drinking, in equal parts, place the mixture in a small atomizer to be able to proceed to cleaning

2.It covers the keyboard so that drops of the mixture do not splash that could damage it

3.Choose a cotton cloth that does not release lint. It may be an old shirt or a cleaning cloth that you know works effectively. Apply a little of the mixture to the cloth

4.Clean the screen with the cloth moistened with circular movements and clockwise, you should do it gently but insistently to remove deeper and older stains

5.Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to make your screen look perfect. Remember not to moisten the cloth too much so you don’t have to deal with excess water falling towards your keyboard

6.With these simple steps you will be able to leave your laptop screen clean and like new


  • Do not use paper towels as they release lint that will remain on your laptop screen
  • Clean with the laptop turned off and completely disconnected to avoid accidents
  • Avoid placing your fingers on the screen while cleaning, so your fingerprints will not be marked



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