Electronics How to clean an LCD screen

How to clean an LCD screen


The LCD screens are very delicate, so cleaning requires special care. We must remember that these screens are composed of liquid crystal and improper treatment could cause scratches and even impairments in their operation. Here we tell you how to clean an LCD screen effectively and without much effort.

Steps to follow:

1.Turn off your LCD screen to clean it. If you discover a stain while using the monitor, wait to finish it and turn it off, after a few minutes you can just proceed to cleaning.

2.We can remove the dust that has accumulated on our LCD screen with a soft duster. Do not use dry cloths because you could scratch it or leave even more fluff.

3.If the LCD screen has fingerprint marks, very normal if they are within reach of our hands, then we will need to clean it with a little alcohol. Moisten a cloth and gently clean only the affected area.

4.Dust from LCD screens can also be removed with a damp cloth in distilled water. It only moistens the cloth, nothing to soak it in distilled water because contact with a lot of liquid could affect the operation of the screen.

5.If the LCD screen has grease stains or more intense dirt marks, then it is best to clean it with a damp white vinegar cloth. Follow the recommendations above to avoid inconvenience.

6.Do not use any other type of chemicals. Always remember that these are very delicate screens so any contact with acetone, ethyl alcohol, ammonia or others could cause irreversible damage.

7.Do not apply liquids directly to the screen. Always dampen a cloth slightly and wipe it with it, away from the screen edges to prevent liquid from entering the screen.

8.Do not apply pressure. Whenever you clean an LCD screen, do it gently because when applying force we can leave marks on the image.

9.Do not use papers to clean an LCD as this could cause scratches.


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