Blogging How to become a successful blogger

How to become a successful blogger


 When you create a blog, you find it impossible to believe that it will be followed by more people than your family and friends (and that, if they enter). But the truth is that, if you know how to work correctly in the blogosphere, you can become a famous blogger in a year.

If you still don’t know how to make your blog successful, here we explain it step by step:

You will need to:

  •  A computer with Internet access
  •  A blog

Building a snowball

This is the phase where you need to eat, sleep and breathe your website. You have to spend as much time as possible, because your blog becomes a reference site, it depends on these steps:

1- Good content: You will create long and quality articles as often as possible.

2- Social Media: Communicate with people of the same subject but, above all, do everything possible to attract traffic to your blog. Again, you will not be a success from day one: having influence in the network is like brushing your teeth, you have to interact every day, but naturally.

3- Make them know you: When you start you are nobody in the network. Your relatives may read you and, perhaps, not even that. Start moving through the biosphere and leave useful and quality comments on the websites of your mentors. Please do it with quality or keep waiting to be answered one day.

4- Get links: it is the best way to position well; however, keep in mind that they have to be as natural links as possible and, if possible, that are within the content of an article that refers to your theme … difficult, right? Try writing for other blogs and vice versa.

As you can see, it is very difficult not to throw in the towel at this stage, especially when visitors do not arrive and do not receive comments. Keep writing and writing good content.

Gaining speed

You do it well: you have an extensive list of contacts, you launch an article and, in a matter of seconds, it has hundreds of RTs, you sign up for conferences and a long etcetera.

This point is the best because you no longer have to go publicizing other blogs to be recognized, just enjoy and act naturally, trying not to lose it.

At this stage you can take care of doing other projects and maintaining the blog: you don’t need to dedicate all your time.

The Avalanche

You’ve done it: you are a successful blogger. Far is the snowball, now you are a great avalanche. You have an incredible amount of visits, a large community of followers and you are a respected author in your field.

How to get here? Working hard at point number one, finding possibilities, with a lot of charisma and trying your best. Good luck!


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