PC How computer viruses were born

How computer viruses were born


In order to modify the correct activity of a computer without the permission of its user, the viruses were born as malware to replace the executable files with others infected with the same code. As many Internet users know and fear, a virus is capable of destroying all the information stored in a computer, modifying it or simply damaging it; In fact, these programs or software that run on our PCs are characterized by being especially annoying. If you are curious to know the history of computer viruses … Read carefully!

The first reprimands the virus

It was at the end of the 60s when the workers of the Bell laboratories of AT&T Douglas McLlory, Victor Vysottsky and Robert Morris devised a small game they called, referring to the computer memory, Core War. This little hobby, which would later be considered the first reference to the computer virus, was that its two players should each write a program, called an organism, whose habitat was the computer’s memory. After a signal, each program should try to force the of his opponent and make an invalid instruction, winning the first to get it.

The first computer virus

The creator of the first malicious software was only 15 years old, in 1982, when he decided to copy his friends’ diskettes to his Apple II computer without their authorization. The young man, who was already known for altering the operation of various programs by inserting small poems in them, managed to do so, this time, without directly touching the computer of his victims. The result of this first harmful program was, therefore, the visualization of this little poem every 50 times the PC was turned on: Elk Cloner: The program with a personality It will get on all your disksIt will infiltrate your chipsYes it’s Cloner!

The most famous viruses

The most famous computer viruses of these last 20 years have been more than we would like. In ’88, for example, Jerusalem was created, a malware that was installed on the computer and erased all files every Friday 13. Many will still remember the well-known ‘ILoveYou’, an email that moved on the Internet as a fish in the water affecting millions of computers during the year 2000 … It even reached the Pentagon!


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