Software ERP Software Selection - Analysis and requirements

ERP Software Selection – Analysis and requirements


In this article we are going to explain what the selection process of an ERP software consists of. When our company wants to face the challenge of introducing a new ERP you must take into account several aspects, basically do a job prior to the selection of the suppliers that are going to do the implementation and the software that you are going to acquire.

ERP software preselection process

There must be a justification before addressing an ERP software selection project for which the applicant within the company will end up being responsible. Thus, a definition of the company’s strategy will be necessary to consider it as the basis and starting point of the project.

The improvement objectives will be determined with respect to the current system and how to improve in the future. To do this, all affected organizational managers must participate in order to determine the requirements taking into account current business processes. A representative work team will be defined that will be dedicated to managing the project.

The functional requirements on the one hand and technical requirements on the other will be specified by priority, to adapt to the current IT structure or that has been determined. This list of requirements will be used to send requests for RFI information to the suppliers that will be analyzed and validated. A limited number of suppliers will be determined that meet the list of requirements to include them in the first phase of the ERP software selection.

ERP Software Selection

Once the information has been collected and analyzed, tests will be requested to verify compliance with the requirements through product demonstrations, usability tests by future users, contacting references in the activity and software sector.

It will be necessary to ensure that suppliers are clear on how to implement the software taking into account the budget and business processes. It is important to limit the costs in licenses, implementation and maintenance services and avoid surprises of budget increase not described in the requirements list. It is also vital to define a realistic planning of the project with which we obtain the total commitment of the supplier.

It will be necessary to list the criteria to measure all the solutions presented by the suppliers to finally negotiate with the chosen one to the maximum the final budget having the balance with the functionality provided.

A posteriori, after this process, the contracted and planned will have to be audited step by step. Once the project is finished, a management of the life cycle of the contracted software must be established.



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